Great Lawyer

First time meeting Steven Kim I was in a holding cell for two assault and battery cases. I spoke with and to him explained to him how I was innocent and wrongly accused. From there on he didn't stop fighting for me until my name was completely clear. Couldn't have asked for anyone better to represent me.


Shoplifting case dismissed

Attorney Steven Kim is excellent, I got caught for shoplifting over $250 back in June, I was so nervous and scared.

I contacted Attorney Kim, he call me back at the same day and provided me a phone consultation and able to squeeze me in to his schedule the next day. Overall he able to get the case dismissed.

i am happy and lucky can find Attorney Kim to handle the case.


Best Lawyer in Boston

Many friends used to tell me that you don't need a lawyer unless you can hire the best of the best lawyers. To hire Mr. Steven Kim was the best decision in my life, among all the great decisions I've made. Life sometimes gets really tough and this time I was in complete despair and hopelessness; however, there was a hope, Mr. Steven Kim, who demonstrated the highest possible level of expertise, honesty, sincerity, respect, and especially power / influence that made a lot of differences. He pulled off an amazing outcome (thanks God), which few people (even some legal experts) imagined possible. The web reviews on his impeccable achievements (which i viewed before hiring him) was authentic, as I have become another witness to testify his greatness on this website. He is simply the best; the best lawyer in Boston, who has people, network, and expertise. He will continue to add and write up amazing miracles and stories in his own journal. Thank you Mr. Kim.


Dismissed before arraignment

Arrested by Boston University's finest, booked and charged with MIP. Steven was able to work out a deal with the D.A. to have the case dismissed before arraignment. Great and professional to work with.


Smart Genuine animal of a lawyer

Mr Kim represented me on an armed robbery charge I was alleged of commiting. From the very beginning to the very end he was caring about my life and freedom and knowledgeable about his planned defense for my case and explained everything very thorough every step of the way. He was on point from the beginning. Long story short I was found not guilty on all counts and to top it all off there was a fine I was supposed to pay and he made that go away too. This guy is an amazing lawyer and I highly recommend him he's a savage in the courtroom lol. If you're in need of a good lawyer give him a call you will be satisfied.

Confident Smart Very Good Judgement

I was an client of attorney Kim. It was the only time I've ever actually been to trial. I feel he gave me his best advice and he did an extemely well job. We came out on top and I really appreciate the time and effort he put in for me?


Responsive, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, and Genuinely Caring

I had emailed Attorney Steven Kim with the details of my legal matters to seek some guidance before I make my decision to hire. First, he was prompt in his reply, and called me just a few days later. He was extremely knowledgeable in providing me with some helpful resources. Most importantly, he gave me the good sense of trust and genuine care when discussing the details of my situation. His preliminary efforts in trying to help when a prospect is in need was greatly appreciated, and I recommend him highly. Thank you again for the help, and God bless!


Outstanding, dedicated attorney

Attorney Kim reviewed my case and gave me honest feedback regarding the likelihood of how the judge would rule. He suggested what options I had and how each would, or would not impact me. He also did a phenomenal job keeping me informed of how things progressed outside the court room, going far beyond my expectations. He was available after hours and over weekends when any feedback or clarifications were needed. Additionally, given my circumstances I asked if he would be able to move my hearing date to an earlier time and he was able to meet that need as well.
Steven Kim was a fantastically reliable attorney and I would utilize his services again if the need ever arose.


Extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly!

I got into trouble for shoplifting and if I was convicted, I would be forced to leave United States altogether - the worst outcome imaginable. I have never been in court before and was fairly terrified of the process and didn't think that my public attorney would have time and desire to work with me when he got another thirty cases going on at the same time.
After browsing the internet for reviews and talking to at least three other attorneys, I met with Steven. Even before I hired him, he spend a really long time explaining to me the legal mambo-jumbo from documents that I received and my options from this point onwards. Steven also responded to my calls and texts almost immediately and continuously answered various questions that came into my head regarding the case. That was especially nice since other attorneys I considered working with would keep postponing our meeting or would ask a ridiculously large fee that I simply could not afford (I'm a college student). Steven also has represented a client in a case almost identical to mine, so he knew exactly what to do.
Steven Kim might look young, but as I have witnessed, he actually has a lot of experience working at Boston Municipal Court and a good working relation with judges, prosecutors and other attorneys. Steven was also very approachable, reassuring, and friendly. This whole process could have been much more painful and awkward for me if he was not so nice.

During the pretrial hearing we got the outcome we were hoping for and after a year of probation and some community service the charges will be dismissed. I made a very big mistake and I am extremely happy that Steven gave me a second chance to get a good job or a more permanent residency status in the US.


The best lawyer

First of all, I was charged with somewhat very serious issue that could jeopadize my international visa status which meant, I might have to go back to my country without finishing my undergraduate program. He simply got that serious issue fixed at the first hearing day. It really impressd me .I can't not find other word to describe him. He is the best lawyer I've ever met. I strongly recommande him if you are stuck in the serious issue.
Thank you, Steven. You save my life!!


Excellent attorney

Steven Kim represented me on my case, and I could not have asked for a better outcome. He has an extensive criminal law background given his work at both his own practice as well as his prior experience in the District Attorney's office. As a result, he is very familiar with the entire court process and did an excellent job both helping me understand my options and what to expect, as well as preparing me for court. Throughout the entire process, he was always easily reachable and thoroughly answered all my questions. Not only is Steven great with clients, it was also evident through the process that Steven is well-known and well-regarded by judges and other attorneys in the greater Boston legal community. I strongly recommend Steven and consider myself extremely fortunate to have found such a great attorney.


Amazing Attorney

Attorney Kim is a fantastic attorney for many reasons. First, he is extremely knowledgeable how the court system works and keeps himself updated on current changes in the law. Second, he is very trustworthy with client information and appears early to all court dates and also informs concerned family members about the status of the case within the realm of client confidentiality. Third, he returns phone calls promptly and always has time to answer questions. Finally, he kept me informed of the status of the case without having to "track him down." Attorney Kim is comfortable in court and has a good rapport with the judge and all court personnel.


Former Client
Steven Kim represented me as my defense attorney. It was the first case I went through, and I had no idea what my options were. Attorney Kim was very understanding and respectful of how I felt. He was completely professional throughout his representation. He made sure that I understood what could happen and the goal that he was working towards.

I feel that Steven Kim is an excellent lawyer, and I would recommend him to others in need of representation.