Why Choose Steven Kim to represent you?

By any measure, Boston Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney Steven Kim is considered one of the top lawyers in the profession.

For going on two decades, Attorney Steven Kim has amassed a proven track record of successfully defending and winning cases to verdicts in favor of his clients. What sets Attorney Kim apart from the rest of the field is his fearless approach to tackling the hardest cases and taking them to trial.

When choosing a defense attorney one should always make sure that the attorney has the experience, reputation, and the wisdom to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a case in order to negotiate favorable outcomes, dismissals and pleas, that are acceptable to the client.

However, equally if not more important quality to consider in choosing an attorney is trial experience; the best attorney is someone who can confidently select a jury and conduct a trial when the alternative is either not available or acceptable to the client.

Many serious felonies and misdemeanor charges cannot be plea bargained or dismissed, and in those times, a defendant must defend the case by going to trial. Attorney Steven Kim has routinely taken serious cases to trial and won favorable outcomes for his clients and continues to regularly fight and conduct jury trials rather than forcing unfavorable deals on his clients. His record of victories at trial are unsurpassed among trial attorneys.

Attorney Steven Kim obtained his law degree from the very prestigious Boston College Law School, and is a former local prosecutor, who knows from prior experience as an insider, the approach the government takes in building a prosecution. His top legal training and prior experience as a prosecutor enables Steven Kim to know how the police and other law enforcement gather evidence and build cases, which naturally gives him an advantage in defending his clients.

It is not uncommon to hear defendants complain that their attorney does not seem up to the fight, that he or she would rather push a plea bargain, a deal, rather than go to trial. Some attorneys are unwilling or incapable of trying a case. When negotiations fail, and winning is the only option left, clients need an attorney who will take the matter to a jury. Attorney Steven Kim has been that attorney, and has an impeccable reputation as a fighter who wins.